Visitors to the Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial on the Statehouse grounds will notice that four panels have been removed.  Due to engraving errors, the affected panels were removed and will be replaced with new granite panels.  The new panels will bear the names of the officers as they appeared on the previous panels.  Fabrication, engraving and resetting the panels is expected to take several months.

The Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial is located on the northeastern corner of the state capitol grounds. The memorial honors law enforcement officers, who by virtue of their commitment to uphold the law and protect the citizens of Kansas, gave their lives in service to the people of this state.

Kansas Line of Duty Deaths

The Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial was created to honor officers in the state of Kansas who have been killed in the line of duty. This website was created to bring the memorial to life. Here, you can search and learn about the officer’s sacrifice, the agency he or she worked for and a photo of the officer. The history of Kansas law enforcement officer deaths consist of every officer dating back to 1866.

Kansas Law Enforcement Line Of Duty Deaths

Line of Duty Deaths

Gun Fire Deaths

Automobile Crash

Other Causes